Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
wxTst::CppUnitWarningAsserterPrevent the need to link to CppUnit by removing include dependency
wxTst::CRAbstractTreeEventAbstract tree event class with common helper methods
wxTst::CRButtonClickEventHandles button click events
wxTst::CRCaptureProvides a way of capturing GUI interaction for future test cases
wxTst::CRCaptureControlHandle events of capture dialog (controller in MVC concept)
wxTst::CRCapturedEventAbstract parent class for all events to capture of interest
wxTst::CRCheckBoxClickEventHandle check box click events
wxTst::CRChoiceSelectionEventHandle choice selection events
wxTst::CRCppEmitterSingleton emitting C++ code used for test case bootstrapping
wxTst::CREventCorrelate wxEventTypes with an event name and Event Category. Used in platform event maps to relate the native event types to wxEvents Note that with wx 2.9 event types are all dynamically assigned in common/events.cpp
wxTst::CREventCaptureManagerManages the event filtering for C&R capturing (Singleton pattern)
wxTst::CREventFactoryFactory for creating appropriate event instances depending on the given concrete event type
wxTst::CREventFilterInterfaceDeclare interface for event filtering required by capturing
wxTst::CRLogInterfaceLogging target interface
wxTst::CRMenuSelectionEventHandles menu (item) selection events
wxTst::CRNativeEventAbstract base class for native event data capture and synthesis
wxTst::CRNotebookPageChangeEventHandle notebook page change events
wxTst::CRRadioBoxSelectionEventHandle radio box selection events
wxTst::CRSliderUpdateEventHandle slider update events
wxTst::CRSpinCtrlUpdateEventHandle spin control update events (standard + double typed one)
wxTst::CRTextUpdateEventHandles text update events
wxTst::CRTreeItemRightClickEventHandle tree item right click events
wxTst::CRTreeSelectionChangingEventHandle tree selection changing events - note: changed vs. changing
wxTst::CRVtkCaptureProvides a way of capturing GUI interaction for future test cases
wxTst::CRVtkCaptureControlHandle events of capture dialog (controller in MVC concept)
wxTst::CRWindowHierarchyHandlerHandles queries about window hierarchy allowing to uniquely symbolically identify controls for C&R (Singleton pattern)
wxTst::EventSimulationHelperProvides methods for simulating control specific events
wxTst::InitWxGuiTest"Package" all registered wxWidgets GUI tests in decorated shape
wxTst::InitWxGuiTestSetUpInitialise GUI part of wxWidgets library exactly once before running first GUI test
wxTst::ModalDialogInteractionInterfaceInstantiations of this interface can be handed over to the ModalDialogTimer to be executed after the timeout
wxTst::ModalDialogTimerWhen fired, the modal dialog interactor (if existing) is executed first, before the modal dialog is ended with the given return code
wxTst::ProvokedWarningHolds information semi-uniquely identifying provoked/expected warnings
wxTst::ProvokedWarningRegistryManage registered provoked warnings allowing the detection of unexpected (real) test case failures
wxTst::TempInteractiveMake the wxWidgets GUI test temporarily interactive
wxTst::TempInteractiveControlHandle events of dialog (controller in MVC concept)
wxTst::TimedDialogEnderPeriodical looking for a certain window (in fact a modal dialog identified by caption) to close/end
wxTst::VtkWxGuiTestHelperHelper methods for wxVtk interaction recording (Singleton pattern)
wxTst::WarningAsserterInterfacePrevent the need to link to CppUnit by removing include dependency
wxTst::WxGuiTestAppControl & do running of wxWidgets GUI CppUnit tests
wxTst::WxGuiTestHelperProvides some convenience or helper methods for wxGui test cases
wxTst::WxVtkInteractorEventRecorderRecord and play VTK events passing through wxVtkRenderWindowInteractors

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