WxGuiTesting is a small static library which facilitates testing of wxWidgets applications and classes.

WxGuiTesting at present works only with (and requires) CppUnit unit-testing framework.

It provides

WxGuiTesting was originally developed by Reinhold F├╝reder at the University of Exeter in the UK as part of developing an application for Simpleware, Ltd.. His swWxGuiTesting webpage has more details along with an excerpt from his thesis explaining in detail how he arrived at the final design.

Reinhold's introduction pages to the Doxygen documentation:


WxGuiTesting Sourceforge ProjectPage

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How to Build and Install WxGuiTesting

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WxGuiTesting is licensed under the wxWindows Library License, a liberalized version of the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2. Text files containing the licenses may be found in the Documentation directory.

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