ThirdPartyLibs aims at easing the inclusion of third party libraries required to build and run the swWxGuiTesting framework.

Currently it contains the following sub-projects:

Last but not least, a remark on the basic principle applied: each subproject creates its own usage file ("Use***.cmake") from the corresponding template usage file ("Use***") by using information gathered from the usual CMakeLists.txt during the CMake build process.

Note: Doxygen can not correctly parse "wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.h", thus it is excluded from the Doxygen documentation generation process.


This project contains several subprojects, all of which can be used individually. Each subdirectory is equivalent to a subproject.

Using it requires (1) building this parent project ("ThirdPartyLibs") with CMake, (2) copying and adapting the CMake code sequence shown below into your project specific CMakeLists.txt, and (3) using the variables holding include directories and libraries to her project.

    # ===========================================================================
    # # Get ThirdPartyLibs directory of user.
    # SET (THIRD_PARTY_LIBS_DIR CACHE PATH "ThirdPartyLibs Build Path")
    #     # Use CppUnit.
    #     INCLUDE (${THIRD_PARTY_LIBS_DIR}/UseCppUnit.cmake)
    #     # Use wxVTK.
    #     INCLUDE (${THIRD_PARTY_LIBS_DIR}/UseWxVTK.cmake)
    #     MESSAGE (FATAL_ERROR "Cannot build without ThirdPartyLibs. Please set THIRD_PARTY_LIBS_DIR.")
    # ===========================================================================

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